Friday, September 29, 2006

DVD Review 1
I saw this movie called "The Hero". It stars Jet Li and a host of other actors whose names I do not know. The movie was in Chinese with English sub-titles.

It is based on a true story taken from Chinese history. A king plans to unite the seven warring tribes in China and goes on a violent conquest of the opposing tribes. The tribes are fiercely independent and have no interest in being ruled over by a tyrant.

Many assassination attempts are made but all end up in vain. Here comes our hero Jet Li, he organises an elaborate plan in which he captures and kills some people who made a previous attempt on the king's life, to gain a private audience with the king.

He specializes in a martial art form called-"Death within ten feet" The scenes showing his excellence with his sword and the war scenes are excellent. In the end Li realises that the king's plans are honourable and good in the larger interest of the people. He allows himself to be killed by the king's soldiers.

The movie ends with a message saying that the king united all the seven tribes and established a new dynasty.

The music and camera-work is top-notch and is definitely worth watching.

Mahesh's-Rate-o-Meter-3 out of 5.


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