Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Guru Greg and his dadagiri

India's dismal performance at the DLF Cup in Malaysia has set the panic bells ringing in the Indian camp. "Too much of anything is good for nothing." I think our coach Guru Greg should understand this. There is no harm in experimenting, but don't toy around with your top order and reduce it to a bunch of school kids playing street-cricket with a rubber ball.

The great batsmen-Dravid, Shewag and Yuvraj Singh have failed miserably in the series. Harbhajan and Sachin were the only saving grace for us in this series. Greg's determination to make Irfan into another Kapil, is taking its toll on Pathan as a bowler. He is no longer able to swing the ball and take wickets in his opening spell.

I do not understand the point of playing Sreesanth in just one match. The kid has genuine talent and speed. He has already been omitted from the Champion's Trophy. So he should have been played in more matches. Agarkar has made a comeback of sorts for perhaps the twentieth time. I sincerely believe that the team has to stick with him regularly. He has to head the bowling department for the World Cup.

I do not know what happened to Zaheer and Balaji and why are we kicking Anil Kumble out of the ODI squad. The Aussies and the West Indians were troubled by Harbhajan's spin. I am sure Kumble could have won us the series if he would have played.

I am waiting for the pompous Kiran More to leave the selection panel. The new selector Dilip Vengsarkar is sure to give Ganguly and perhaps Laxman a chance in the ODI squad. Being a batsman he knows the importance of a solid batting squad.

The Challenger Trophy beginning on October 1, should be interesting as many players will be fighting for a return to the national squad. Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. We really need to put up a good show in the Champions Trophy, or else I think all hopes for even a place in the last four in the World Cup will vanish.

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