Thursday, August 02, 2007

A case of jellybeans, Zak, and an Indian victory

When the English cricketers probably Matt Prior, Collingwood, and may be Pieterssen scattered jellybeans near the batsman's crease, when Zaheer Khan was batting, they did not fathom the destruction that Zaheer, referred to as Zak (for the past few days by the media) would unleash on their batting lineup.

Zaheer scalped five wickets to restrict England, even while Michael Vaughan showed his class with a defiant knock of 124 runs. All said and done, the damage had been done, and India were set a target of 73 runs to win the Trentbridge test. Chris Tremlett scalped three wickets on the final day, but India won the match with four byes.

It is India's fifth victory in 47 test matches in England. A good morale boosting victory, India should do their best to win the final test.

Let us see what happens.

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