Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everywhere the situation is the same I meet my friends, ex-colleagues, college mates, all of them have the same glum look. The reason "Matchaan appraisal la aap vechutanga da." (They screwed me in my appraisal.)

"The falling dollar, recession, inflation, hazaar reasons to hit my pocket."

Everyday the prices of essential commodities are rising. The price of milk, oil, cereals.. everything is hitting the aam aadmi.

Things are not rosy.

What to do?

The government both at the centre and the state will have to change their stance. They might actually lose the forthcoming elections if the current trend continues.

In all this tamasha the obsene amount of money that the players in the Indian Premier League make drives me and the economists nuts.

God save me, God save you, and God save this country.

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