Saturday, April 19, 2008


The admit-card for the Civil Services Prelims came by post yesterday. The exam is to be held on May 18. Hardly a month left for D-day. Preparations are going on at a moderate speed. Have to hit on the accelerator and focus on my optional subject-Indian History.

There will be two exams. The optional subject in the morning and the general studies paper in the afternoon.

Strange things are happening at work. Everyday it is like a guessing game and one finds out that one more colleague has resigned. Do not know what is going to happen.

The IPL tamasha started yesterday and after lot of babes, glitter, laser lights, stilt dances and stuff, the actual match ended up as a dampener with Brendon Mc Cullum destroying the inflated ego of Vijay Mallya's Royal Challengers with a pulsating knock of 158 runs of just 73 balls.

The Knightriders won by a margin of 142 runs.

Dravid has to do a lot of thinking. Perhaps if the team switches to Mc Dowells from Kingfisher they might win J

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