Sunday, April 13, 2008


The curse continues, in the name of creating a better India, with more qualified students, the reservation of 27% seats for OBCs has once again opened another Pandora's box. Reservation on the basis of caste is not going to help. Let there be only merit to decide the future of a student, not his/her religion or caste.

The Supreme Court has done one good thing by keeping the creamy layer(well off/rich) out of this 27% quota. We need a system in place where the income certificate of the student's parents/guardians and the student's marks in the qualifying exams become the sole criteria for his/her selection and admission to a proper educational course in college.

Or we can go for a policy where in the government should assume complete responsibility of a child's education from nursery till college(graduation) and the student should work for at least five years as a government employee to meet the costs of his/her education borne by the government. If this happens there will be one best model of education, private colleges will cease to charge obscene amounts in the name of fees and we will get intellects not mass produced factory-made robots who will only be fit to write exams and will be failures when they come out in the competitive professional battlefield where only the fittest can survive.

The timing of the ruling, the forthcoming elections and one land of citizens who get conned into voting each time expecting a better tomorrow. God knows what is going to happen......

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