Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Game is Afoot....




In college, I never thought I would be working in a corporate sector. I had always planned to become a lecturer and then gravitate into writing and theatre. March 2005 saw me as well all our batch preparing in full gusto for the final year exams. I think it was the third week of March, when a notice was stuck on the English Department Notice Board, it announced the arrival of a major IT firm who were on a campus recruitment drive. I just wrote the selection test along with 750 other students. I remember the anxious looks on the faces of the students. Many of them especially the students from the Commerce and Economics departments had come prepared with printed resumes and me just another lazy fellow had just managed to scribble my details on a sheet of paper that I had torn out from my Linguistics notebook.


As the afternoon meandered and the students became impatient and many of them left for the playground to indulge in our favourite pastime of cricket and football. At 3:30 pm there was an announcement and two students were asked to meet the recruiters. I was one of the two students. A long conversation with a group of four people and then a round of talks with the senior HR Manager; at 5 pm I had an offer that I could not refuse and I was placed.


It is 3 and a half years since I entered the big, bad, mysterious, and unpredictable corporate world and on the verge of leaving my third job; I

will be honest-it has not always been fun, there have been tough projects, boring monotonous stretches of mundane work, and some really brilliant, challenging, and intellectually satisfying projects.


I am back in the hunt for another job, I posted my profile on and guess what my inbox is flooded with e-mails from companies and recruiters. Most of the stuff does not match my profile, but there have been a couple of good interesting offers. I have been to a couple of places and written tests, got some offers too, I am biding my time, I know I deserve better, and I am sure there is something out there that will satisfy me both intellectually and monetarily.


There is a sense of tension and nervous excitement as I attend these interviews and prepare for forthcoming ones. The element of risk, the sense of

a challenge, the frustration of being offered a salary way below my current pay! It is a learning experience.




So folks the game is afoot! The quest for the perfect job continues.

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Aswin Kini said...

Yeah da, I know what happened 3 and half years before. Because I was one of those 750 students who awaited the results of that written test held by SIFY, too bad I didn't get the job, but it was great to see you get the job da.

Guess these three and half years have taught you so much that you don't wanna go back to the old corporate school again.
All the best for your job search, you deserve the best offer. Keep in touch.

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