Tuesday, October 21, 2008




Cheating death......


I almost got killed on my way to work tonight.


The bus that I boarded, took a different route, I questioned the conductor and he said that the bus shall go via another route. He whistled but the driver did not stop. I had one leg on the road and another on the footboard of the bus. The rain was pounding and I was dragged for close to 15 metres before the blasted driver stopped the bus. Thankfully I was uninjured and the only damage done was to my trousers that were splattered with mud.


Once again a close call; to think of a horrible end, so early, when I have so much more to do... I keep wondering what does God intend me to do. This is the eighth time that I have come so close to death in this lifespan.


I thank God for his grace.


Life goes on.....

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