Tuesday, March 17, 2009

13 B/Yaavarum Nalam Movie Review

Movie-13 B/Yaavarum Nalam.
Starring-Madhavan, Neetu Chandra, Sachin Khedekar and others.
Music-Shankar, Eeshan and Loy.
Direction-Vikram Kumar.

In Bollywood horror is a genre that is terribly stereotyped. You have haunted mansions, tantriks, spirits, and young girls possessed by ghouls. All this ends in a showdown between the hero and the evil spirits. Ram Gopal Verma showed a bit of change with Bhoot.

Madhavan's latest movie 13 B titled as Yaavarum Nalam in Tamil is a new intelligent movie that treads between a thriller and a horror flick. Two brothers with their wives and mother and two kids move into a new apartment on the thirteenth floor. Strange happenings like the milk getting spoilt, the inability to affix nails on the wall begin to happen. Madhavan is troubled because the lift never works when he is all alone and wants to use it.

Then we have a TV serial that is broadcast at 1 PM and only visible on the TV in Madhavan's flat. Slowly Madhavan realizes that the serial and his life is interlinked. Neetu Chandra as Madhavan's wife looks like a million bucks and has done a good job. Sachin Khedekar plays a doctor/psychiatrist and has a plum role.

What is the mystery? Why is Madhavan alone able to interpret the story from the serial. Why does a dog of Madhavan's neighbour a blind man-refuse to enter Madhavan's house? The tension builds slowly and the climax answers all the questions. This is one of those films whose second half is much better than the first. Interesting cameos by Sampath Kumar and the characters who appear in the TV serial.

Director Vikram Kumar uses the TV as a medium for the spirits to interact with the protagonist. What is the mystery behind Apartment 13 B and is Madhavan able to save his family and himself from the starnge forces in his house. Great music by Shankar, Eeshan and Loy and nice cinematography by PC Sreeram.

Watch the movie to find the answers.

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