Monday, March 16, 2009

The Week in Review

Well so many things happened in the past 1 week. I embarked on a quick trip to Nagpur to participate in the house-warming ceremony of my sister's new flat. The trip was really fascinating and it will be a separate long and juicy post. Met some really beautiful people:) on the trip! Then again those friends are just people who are forgoten who just provide conversations on the train to battle a boring journey.

India won the one-day series in New Zealand a record after 40 odd years. Sehwag broke the psyche of the New Zealand attack with his heroics but India lost the last one-dayer. Elsewhere West Indies won a test-series against England 1-0.

Political equations keep changing with Patnaik in Orissa flummoxing everybody. The third-front being launched by Deve Gowda and Co.

The IPL seems to be doomed and it still does not have a schedule approved by the state governments.

Work seems to be going on. One more colleague quit. Best of luck to you:)

Horoscopes are flying through couriers to all parts of the country and responses are being awaited. Saw a lot of movies on Saturday and Sunday-Dev D, Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu, Delhi 6, Colours (Malayalam and absolute rot). Detailed reviews will appear soon. VKK was really touching but the director seems to be from the Bala school of film-making and spoiled the end by killing the hero.

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