Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just do not know. I am cracking up! Losing my sanity and patience. After my father returned home after a massive alcoholic binge and listening to another cock-and-bull story. I finally asked my father to leave. Surprisingly he was extremely happy and thanked me for liberating him of his duties. He never did do anything good and that is another story.

Mother frequently falls sick and is becoming frailer with each passing day as she keeps worrying herself.

Work-load is heavy and I feel that I have signed a pact leading to my own doom.

If things keep going at the current pace-I am going to call it quits and start working from home as I cannot keep worrying about mother while I am in office.

Let me see what happens.

Wish me luck!

Saw some movies on dvd-finally!

Will post reviews soon.


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Mahesh... sounds bleak, but things are bound to get better, hope it does and soon. Take care, I am sending up prayers for you.

mahesh said...

Hi Kavi,
Thanks a lot.

Aswin Kini said...

Very sad to hear this da, I am not gonna say anything! As for work, did you sign a bond or something, if so, try to negotiate your way out of it. Don't worry, this industry has started recovering slowly, but steadily. I will pray to god that your mother recovers soon.
Take care buddy!

mahesh said...

Hi Ashwin,
Thanks for your prayers.

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