Friday, July 17, 2009

Work, Work and more Work

I seem to be loaded with work and have not seen a movie for a record period of 20 days now. That is indeed a weird statistic considering that I am one real movie fanatic.

Loads of work at work[I am being poetic!]

Good I guess!

Hope pay gets credited properly on time.

Last month was one long complicated waiting process.

Things not well on the domestic front too as Daddy Dearest has begun his ritual of the Betaal climbing the old tree and returned to his nefarious ways of drinking hard and absconding from work and home. God knows that I have been very very patient all these years and I do not know when I will snap and take a serious action. Mother continues to suffer in silence and has been afflicted with fever and tiredness.

Things continue to go and I try to find some sense in this life.

May be I am cursed to be this way and suffer for the sins of others!

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Aswin Kini said...

Don't give up hope, life only tests the strongest. Good times will be back soon. :)

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