Friday, October 09, 2009

Crisp Movie Reviews

Crisp Movie Reviews

Managed to see some movies:

Kandaswamy-Over-hyped, time-pass, Shriya looks stunning and anorexic at the same time, Vikram is cool, Vadivelu is crass, the movie bends all notions of "Wilful suspension of disbelief".

Eeram-Great potential, starts of well, loses steam in trying to balance itself as a horror movie or a suspense thriller. Definitely worth watching once.

Unaipol Oruvan-Mohanlal outshines Kamal, but the movie lacks suspense for folks who have seen "Wednesday".

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Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Oh, I loved Eeram... the way water itself becomes a character, spooky. Loved the cop guy too, his mannerisms dialogues and his eyes, such a decent and captivating character.

Haven't seen the other two movies...

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