Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Public Enemies

I expected a lot from this movie.

A chance to see Christian Bale and Johnny Depp trying to outwit each other.

This is a movie which traces the history of notorious bank-robber John Dillinger and the story of how law-enforcer Purvis manages to trap him and kill him finally.

The movie was good from the cinematography and background music-score point of view. A couple of jail-breaks and chase sequences.

The movie was entertaining but the feeling that I did not get my money's worth continues to bother me.

Christian Bale was wooden while Depp was average.

The lady who plays Depp's love-interest has done a good job.

Sadly only a 2.5 star rating!


Siva said...

Da, this is too much. You don't feel that this movie is worth your pirated DVD you got for 30 rupees??

Really tooo too much!!!

mahesh said...

Finally a comment from the Italian Mafia don himself:)

It was worth the pirated dvd's price.

But with all that acting talent available, the movie could have been even better.:)

Siva said...

I saw this movie a few weeks ago. It was excellent and I loved every action sequences in the movie. Depp's acting was magnificent and Bale's stone-hearted cop was wonderful....

I loved that movie...

mahesh said...

Maybe I will get comments from the mafia don only if I write about Depp and Bale:)

People are different and opinions differ too.

Glad to know that u loved the movie.

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