Monday, November 02, 2009


I finally got to see "UP" this Sunday evening. This gem from Pixar had a long delay in reaching India.

The movie is a departure from previous offerings from Pixar and has human emotions as a major factor.

The movie recounts the story of a young boy who wants to be an explorer. He meets a girl who has similar ambitions. They become friends and they grow older and get married. They plan to reach the fabled Paradise Falls and start saving for their trip. The sequence extends and the childless couple have grown old. The man Carl and the woman Ellie still love each other deeply.

Carl gets two tickets to Venezuela but Ellie has fallen ill and eventually she dies. Carl sits all alone in the church after Ellie's burial.

Carl's old house is in the middle of a construction plan. A series of events leads Carl to be arrested and forced to move to an old-age home.

Carl plans something else and blows loads of balloons fixed to his roof and flies away. The only problem a small chubby boy Russell is unwittingly also at the doorstep when the house flies.

The duo face problems and finally reach Paradise Falls.

Here they meet talking dogs, a strange bird and an explorer Charles Muntz who was presumed to be dead.

What follows next is an interesting mix of the duo outwitting the old explorer who wants to capture the bird alive with his coterie of talking dogs.

There are chase sequences in the air, a zeppelin kind air-ship and Carl's humble home.

Watch the movie on the big-screen.


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Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Yeah, I just saw it today and I loved it... loved the kid especially, did you see the real kid who lent his voice to Russell, he's so cute.

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