Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Team India-What went wrong?

Team India-What went wrong?

Before the start of the seven match India-Australia ODI series, things were pretty much gung-ho and we looked for an interesting series.

The so-called second-strung Australian team has once again proved how an effective and efficiently run Cricket Australia churns out match-winners who are up to the challenge and snatch victory from the mouth of defeat.

Two very closely contested matches. It was India's cocky approach that cost them the series. Today's match is likely to be canceled because of heavy rains. Sachin will once again be disappointed as his 175 a master-class of batting went in vain. Memories of the Chennai test conceded to Pakistan will echo again.

Dhoni's captaincy and the lop-sided batting of the team has caused a lot of heart-burn.

A banner held by a spectator "INDIA MISSES THE WALL" is proof of what is needed.

Why Sehwag or Sachin did not get to bowl remains a mystery. Sehwag's failure to get a good start and an unsettled opening batting pair troubles India.

The one true positive from this debacle was Praveen Kumar surprisingly for his batting.

The Sril Lankan series starts soon can India regain some respect. Let us see.

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Shadow in the Moonlight said...

I know, this was so funny... it was funny for me cause Antonio was ranting and raving. But they (the indian team) seriously need to cool it... they need to relax and not play for a few months. Then they will be rejuvenated.

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