Monday, November 16, 2009


Again and again I rue my decision of having quit my job on writing about cars. I feel like kicking myself for becoming greedy and tempted by the designation of a "Manager". I got a decent offer from another company but I rejected it.

I honestly am at a self-created mess or yet another career-crossroad. A couple of fellows left without serving any notice; just a farewell. I do not have the heart to do that as I am a sentimental bloke. I respect a director of the company for her intelligence and her strength.

The way things are going with no signs of any major improvement I think I will have to "abscond". My resume looks shabby and although I have worked in various roles in diverse areas the "drifter" tag is becoming prominent.

I think I will end up again at SS Earnley or at some of the other companies where I have worked earlier. The process of sending resumes, taking up tests, attending interviews is all set to start again. I need to find a job without shifts!

Wish me luck folks! The game is afoot !

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