Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Clock Ticks!

The clock ticks,
I sit silently,
Staring at my monitor,
With a false smile,
On my face.

The mind wanders,
With the body stuck here.
Every single day starts on a melancholy note.
Each day one expects,
Things will improve.

But things remain the same.
Pressures at work,
Domestic discords,
The list of troubles keeps growing.

The path for the future,
Looks unsettled and mysterious.
Decisions in the past,
Some treasured as cherished memories
And others banished as dreaded nightmares.

As I stand at the fork,
Of my professional
And personal life,
I wish to break free.
Of all rules and codes

Travel all alone
To some distant mountain
Or to some old sea-side town
Sadly these will all remain as dreams.

As the monitor blinks,
With a notification,
Of an e-mail with yet another project-deadline
The clock ticks again

I awake from my dreams and am back to staring at the monitor.

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