Friday, April 06, 2012


She sits and stares at me,
With a twinkle in her eyes,
Wagging her tail.

She wants me to pat her head,
And stroke her tummy
And play catch with her.

She brings so much joy into my life,
Wishing me bye with a short bark,
When I leave for work in the morning.

She waits patiently at the gate,
Every evening waiting for me,
Her ears trying to pick my cycle-bell's ring.

Chasing squirrels through the mornings,
Surprising and scaring the neighbour's cat Tinku.
She is naughty and playful.

At times I have noticed her,
Sitting all calm and silent,
Staring into space - deep in thought.

What is it that she wonders about?
Memories of a past life as a man or a woman?
Or doggie-dreams of the land of milk and Pedigree treats?

Thank you - Brownie for bringing,
So much joy and happiness,
In my life!


Anonymous said...

brownie looks so darn cute :)

mahesh said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Kamana :)

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