Monday, April 09, 2012

Poem-3 - Death-race

Everyday you run,
Run like crazy,
Chasing the buses

On the arterial roads,
Or the smaller lanes.
You run about like men on a mission.

What mission is this?
Do you want to impress,
The college-going girls?

Or is it the high-adrenaline rush
And the thrill that you get
Is it just for fun?

Think of your dear mother,
Who waits for you at home.
Your father who has a hundred dreams for you.

All those people,
Who love and care for you.
What would happen if you were to slip, fall and die.

A life less ordinary?
No life is ordinary and you are extraordinary.
Don't waste your energy - on such trivial pursuits.

Wake up a bit early.
Start early from home
And reach your destination on time.

Life is not a game.
It is a gift from God.
Use it wisely.

Do not travel on the foot-board!!!!!!

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