Friday, May 04, 2012

The Avengers - Movie Review

I have always been a comic book - super hero fan and have enjoyed Christopher Nolan's Batman renaissance and the Spiderman movies to a certain level. Iron Man with RObert Downwy Junior's sarcasm and with was an instant connect. The two Hulk movies did not actually set the cash registers ringing but were OK. Thor, Captain America well did not actually enjoy - felt Thor deserved better treatment because of the background material available.

Now to come to The Avengers - America's - super-force of super-heroes and 1 super-heroine - Black Widow played by the lovely Scarlett Johannson. Samuel L. Jackson plays Nick Fury head of SHAFT and he calls in the elite group to rcover the Tesurrect an alien energy source now in the hands of the Norse God of mischief - Loki who plans to use it to open a portal in time and bring in an alien army conquer earth and become its ruler. That in a nutshell is the beginning - the movie narrates how the super-heroes fight against Loki and his army and save New York where the aliens launch their attack.

The chemistry between the actors is crackling - special mention for the exchange of words between the Hulk portrayed by Michael Ruffalo and Iron Man. Hawkeye - played by Jeremy Rattner and the Black Widow have some romantic angle which never came out on screen. Gymneth Paltrow has hardly six minutes of screen time but looks lovely and slightly anorexic in her short denim shorts and white shirt!

I loved the scene in which Loki in anger says - 'Enough you mere mortals - I am a God and you mere men....(or something similar to that) and the Hulk picks him up like a rag-doll and bangs him on the floor about 10 times.

The Hulk got the most claps and desrvedly so - Mark Ruffalo brought out the inner struggle in a much more believable fashion when compared to Edward Norton.

The last thirty minutes where the fight for New York is staged is a visual-effects spectacle and when viewed in 3-D really wonderful.

People don't miss the movie. It is worth every exhorbitant rupee that the cineplexes charge you - not to be seen on 'thiruttu DVD' - folks watch it on the big-screen in 3-D.

All credit to the director Joss Whedon :) and his script-writers!


Susan Deborah said...

I like Scarlett Johansson but even she won't inspire me to see this one. I stay away from such films.

Joy always,

mahesh said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Susan - we all have our tastes and it takes all kind of people to make a world :)

Karen Xavier said...

I've hears so much about this movie, even my brother thought it was well made... I have to watch it now. I hope I'm not too late to catch it on the big screen.

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