Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If would say yes!

I look into your eyes,
And I wonder,
What secrets do they hold?

I watch you smile,
And I wonder,
How do you always manage to smile?

I listen to your laughter,
Which rings out clear,
And wonder how you always seem full of joy?

There is so much to learn,
From the simplest of actions that you do!
If only you would realize ---

What you mean to me?
Do I get a chance to express - my thoughts?
If I do so - would you refuse to speak to me?

I am scared,
That I would lose the joy and cheer of your smile,
The little conversations that we have.

If only you would give me a chance,
To prove that you are special,
Would you let me hold your hand?

If only you would,
I would show you a world,
That's different and simple.

Away from the daily complications,
Of a busy-rushed life.
A simple life - full of joy.

I promise to fulfill,
Every childish whim and fancy of yours,
If only you would say - yes - and be mine!


Karen Xavier said...

Why don't you write these poems and give them to her... or tell her to check your blog, I can't imagine anyone saying no after reading heartwarming poems like this.

mahesh said...

I did I have written them on paper given them to her as well :)

She said - 'Let's remain friends!'

I respect her decision - but will continue to admire her and hope somewhere down the line her heart melts.

All I can do is shower her with the care and admiration that I have for her - if God wills she will believe in the purity of my love.

If not - well life has to go on and I will believe that God has created someone else - some place else specially for me :)

Viyoma said...

Loved the poem and loved your response to Karen even more.
For everyone there is a special person created. - You will find yours very soon- and your last line in Blog Intro too will change.

Remember that Awesome line from DTPH - “Jodiyan to upar wala banata hai – bus unka milna humpe chod diya hai”

mahesh said...

Hi Viyoma,

Thanks :)


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