Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Tale of Two Weddings

Two weddings this week - one that of a friend's sister - typical Hindu Malayali wedding at Mahalingapuram Ayyappan Temple; great food in traditional Kerala sadhya style! The bride and the groom all happy and hopeful for a new life. Wishing Ramya and Praveen a happy married life. Excessive crowd of people and met friends from school and days gone by when this same batch would play and fight over cricket and football!

Dearest - Note to you - kab samjhogi humein!

The other wedding was unique - the first Marwari wedding that I attended - a colleague's brother's wedding and I am great friends with both my colleague and her brother. I missed the baraat as there were some calls and never-ending meetings at work. When I finally reached the venue - I was flabbergasted at the sheer number of people; it looked like all of Sowcarpet had landed up to bless the couple.

Loads of children everywhere; running about playing versions of chor-police and hide and seek. The groom Sourav who looked resplendent and royal like a prince and Preethi bhabhi dressed like a princess made a handsome couple. Sourav's sister and my colleague looked like a princess from an Arabian fairy-tale with a stone studded crown-like hair-band on her head.

It was a royal affair as elders from both families blessed the couple. The music group belted out some hit songs - Pal pal dil ke pass, Tujhe dekha to ye jaan sanam, Sau Saal Pehle humein tumse pyaar tha. It was great fun!

The food spread was unbelievable with mind-boggling varieties of food and the special moment was when the groom's sister came and personally fed a rasgulla and jalebi to me and three of my colleagues!

Wishing Sourav and Preethi bhabhi all the best for a beautiful and joyful married life!


Susan Deborah said...

I didn't fail to notice the note to dearest.

Joy always,

mahesh said...

Thanks Susan :) I am not sure if 'dearest' noted it though :)

Karen Xavier said...

Whew, I hate travelling in this city too... wishing your wedded friends a beautiful life. And how cute is the note to the dearest... I wonder what she wants...

mahesh said...

Hi karen,

Thanks :) will never know what runs in her mind :) or heart for that matter :)!


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