Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Who is a Friend?
Is a friend someone:
Who is always there to listen to you?
Who patiently listens to your advice.
Gets tickets for a movie for you.
In spite of you saying something nasty.
Smiles at you and says - "Chal Yaar Jaane De"

Can someone whom you have never met before!
Be your friend!
Ages back we had pen-pals.
Now we have Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
Then those who blog and photograph-
We have followers and commenters!

Then there are folks at work!
Who are colleagues!
But do colleagues qualify as friends!
And how does one distinguish between:
Friends,colleagues and acquaintances?

Who is a Friend?
There have been best of friends!
Who have parted because of another man or woman!
There have been friends,
Who have let us down!

On close self-examination,
We shall find that-
In the past, we too might have let down---
Some of our friends!
Does it hurt to think of them now!
Is there a tinge of pain or regret?

Who is a Friend?
After all these years of existence-
If I asked you to name one friend-
Who would give your life for you?
Would you have an answer?

And will you ever-
Gladly give up your life-
For at least one friend of yours?
Is this tough to answer?
Who will shed tears for you?
When you leave this mortal world?

Who is a Friend?


sahi said...

nice read.. few lines were so true that i was bale to relate it to!

Chriz said...

Someone with whom I can be myself.

Lovely words bro..

Muthiah sriram said...

some one who stays the same even after after long years of separation

mahesh said...

Thanks everyone for your comments :)

Bhavia said...

Lovely poem.
for me best friend with whom I don't have to fake myself.

mahesh said...

Thanks Bhavia :)

Karen Xavier said...

Who is a Friend... someone who has your best interest at heart. Nice poem, Mahesh... I remember those days of pen pals, that was nice... miss it now.

mahesh said...

Thanks karen :) somehow those days of pen-pals were more close to the heart :)

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