Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rhythms, Roses and Raja - A Tribute to Ilayaraja

It all started with a Facebook post by blogger friend Sandeep about a musical evening! I was intrigued - the name - Anil Srinivasan - a Google Search showed up a website under construction a blog that had not been updated for a while but loads of YouTube videos that held me captivated.

Tomorrow at the Music Academy Alwarpet, a lovely show titled - "Rhythms, Roses and Raja - A Tribute to Ilayaraja" is being held.

For more details visit the link below:,ROSES-and-RAJA-A-Tribute-to-Ilayaraja/451119838294051#

Also visit Facebook Page – Anil Srinivasan – The Madras Pianist and like his musical tributes and compositions!

Hail the Maestro :)!

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