Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mission Not Impossible for Men in Blue

Dravid's men have left for the West Indies for the World Cup. They carry the hopes of more than a billion people. The team has achieved two series victories just before the big show, but the victories came on home turf, can Dravid inspire his team like Kapil did in 83.

My best wishes to the Indian Team. Guys bring back the trophy for us.

All readers support the team, it might not be the best, but cheer for them, they need our support.
Come on India kuch karke dikhao.

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Aswin said...

Yes da, i agree, this team has a better chance of bringing the world cup, not because it has three players who have got 35,000 runs, 75 centuries,200 wickets and 200+ fities between them. But because, for most of the senior players like Sachin, Dravid, Kumble, and Ganguly. This could just be their last world cup.

Any good player would want to retire with some great trophy,that should motivate these guys to perform well.

Well, India and Pakistan are teh two most unpredictable teams in the World. You can never expect them to play the same in two games.
So we never know what happens.

Let's wait and watch da, who knows we might get to see Dravid and Team hold the trophy after 2 months. (i pray that it happens, you never know what the Cup has in store for us)

One thing for sure, if India don't perform even with this talented team, it is a waste of time watching them.

And for once guys, Please beat Australia, they don't deserve the trophy a third time(not that they deserved it even earlier).

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