Monday, February 26, 2007

Twenty Five years on Planet Earth

February 23, I woke up a bit stiff and bitten by mosquitoes in twenty different places, don't know if it was a single mosquito or a troop of mosquitoes. Got up had my bath and bought chocolates to distribute in office.

It was fun and I got a greeting card and a chart paper full of birthday wishes. In the evening went to a really expensive boutique cum restaurant called Anoki and met some of my former colleagues. They bought me a chocolate cake and a pair of dolls as a birthday gift. I think this is the first birthday when I did not get a book as a gift. Usually someone gifts me a book or I buy a book for myself. May be this will be a year of new experiences and new joys.

The restaurant was a high-class high cost one, but the bloody fellows did not even give a class of water free of cost, you need to buy a bottle of Himalayan mineral water to quench your thirst. My friends ordered some variety of coffee and some Mexican-Spanish dishes. I ordered a non-alcoholic pinea-colada, I loved it and I think I am going to be a regular of Anoki just for that one item.

The bill was presented I paid for it close to Rs 750(birthday treat) and left for my room. It was good to have a reunion with my colleagues. It is nice to know that you have friends who care for you and are there to lend you a helping hand in times of need. I thank God to have given me such good friends and I wish that all of us remain good friends all through this life. Such good friends are priceless and the time that we share together inspite of our respective hectic schedules is invaluable.

I received a lot of phone calls from friends and relatives wishing me on my birthday, but I was expecting one call and was getting worried that the person had forgoten me or was angry with me, but late in the afternoon, the call finally came and I was relieved that the person remembered the date. Thanks God thanks for that too.

So I have completed twenty five years on Planet Earth, have evolved from a toddler to a man, passed out of school, college and have secured a decent job. I have had my fair share of frustrations, depressions, fights, friendships, enemities, crushes, disappointments, joys, failures, successes. I guess that is what life is all about, and life is all about living life kingsize.

Let me see what happens this year and what I blog post 23/2/2008.


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Aswin said...

Guess you had a nice birthday bash Dude! A treat for Rupees 750, hmm i would not like to visit that restaurant again if i were you ;-) Just kidding dude! Wish you a belated happy birthday

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