Thursday, February 22, 2007

Does God Exist?

Before I start my article let me make one thing clear, I believe in God, worship him/her go to temple regularly, perform puja regularly and have a deep and unshaking belief in God and the power of sincere prayers. I am not an atheist, so having made my stand clear I will move on to the article......


Recent happenings, the past forty days or so have proved the sorry state of affairs of child security in India. On one-side we have the Nithari horror, where two men indulged in their sexual carnage on unsuspecting children, killed them, cut their bodies into tiny pieces and even put them in acid.

Now the Kochi incident, where a pleasure trip, that turned into a tragedy. A hundred students and some teachers visited a dam at Thattekada near Kothamangalam. One boat sprung a leak and it sank quickly. As per the last news received 15 children and three teachers have died and some children are battling for their lives in the hospital.

I will never forget the news clip of a father hugging the bodies of his two children, twins who had died in the accident. The government will pay compensation, there will be some hue and cry about security, and then for two three years an anniversary with the lighting of candles and lamps will take place and then everyone will forget everything.

How many of us remember the Kumbakonam school tragedy, where more than a hundred children died in a stamppede when a fir broke out in a private school. God where are you? Are you watching all these events from heaven or from wherever else you stay. Please answer my questions. What sin did those unsuspecting children do, to suffer such a horrible death. I shall not take Fate and Sins committed in previous lives/biths for an answer. If these children could die for their sins committed in a previous birth, then what about Osama-bin-Laden, George Bush and hundreds of other terrorists and politicians who are the direct and indirect cause of the deaths of thousands of innocent people. When will they be punished?

The question shall remain unanswered and life will go on as usual. If you find some injustice happening to somebody, please take a stand, you need not bash up the perpetrator in filmi style, but atleast you can inform the police or someone else who may lend a helping hand.

God please let justice prevail and let innocent children live without fear and grow up to be adults.

I know that the article has deviated a lot from the beginning, but I have poured out my heart and if even one person changes his attitude after reading this article, I shall feel that I have done something worthy.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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Aswin said...

"You can't change the world but you can try", these were the words uttered by some great men.
All i can say is, " To change thy world, change thyself first".

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