Thursday, February 08, 2007

Water Wars

In the wake of the judgement given by the Cauvery Water Tribunal after sixteen long years, some really nasty things are happening. Tamil Nadu has been given a larger share of the Cauvery water, which Karnataka feels should have come to them.

Here is a popular SMS message sent across - 'Sakkare Keli, Paaya Kodtivi, Neer Keli Panaka Kodtivi, KAVERI kelidre, Kav Yerovargu Baarusteevi. Jai Karnataka, Jai Kannada, Pratiyobbarigu Kalisi.
That means - if you ask for sugar we will give you sweet Payasam, if you ask water to drink we will give lemon juice, if you ask for Kaveri water we will beat you till the heat. Jai Karnataka, Jai Kannada, send this message to everyone.

It is shameful that political parties are gaining poularity by increasing tension among communities. All buses to Tamil Nadu starting from Bangalore have been cancelled. A blanket ban has been issued to stop the screening of Tamil movies in Karnataka. It is tragic. Aren't we all Indians, in all our cultural diversity are not we united as one family. Sons and daughters of Mother India.

I just pray that all differences are resolved and there is no rioting and conflict. Oh! God please show some sense to these selfish politicians.

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