Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fall of the Titans-Collapse of the Australian Juggernaut-

Michael Hussey, is utterly depressed and so is his team, he has led Australia to its first white-wash in a long period, personally I don't remember having witnessed an Australian whitewash by any team.

Australia scored 300 plus runs twice and they have been well and truly beaten by a confident Kiwi team. Today's match was an absolute delight to watch, hmm well I was at office so I could just check the scores on the net. Australia posted a mammoth total of 346 runs mainly due to the herculean effort of Matthew Hayden, who remained unbeaten on 181, the highest score by an Australian in ODIs.

Hussey would have been confident of a face-saving victory when New Zealand were 4 wickets down for 41 runs. Never in his wildest dreams would Hussey have thought that he would be captaining the losing side at that juncture. Well as they say-"Man propses and God disposes." The disposal came in the form of three brilliant knocks by Fulton, Brendan Mc Cullum and Craig Mc' Millan. They scored 51, 117 and 86 respectively.

In the 50 th over New Zealand required 7 runs to win. Nathan Bracken bowled the last over and Brendan struck a superb six and four to seal the match in favour of the Kiwis.

All of you doomsday critics wait before you write off Australia in the World Cup. The services of Lee, Ponting, Adam Gilchrist and Andy Symmonds were missing in this Trans-Tasman Series. In the World Cup three of these players and perhaps Symmonds will play for Australia, so the results could be different. This double series loss for Australia is good for World Cricket and now every team believes it has a chance to win.

Let us see another 23 days to go for the grand spectacle of sport. Wait and watch.

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Aswin said...

Dude! Being a regular crocket watcher, i won't say that Aussies were defeated, but they were just outwitted. Knowing Australia and their Coach, i certainly guess that this was a part of their startegy to lose a match or series ahead of the world cup to make their competitors overconfident.

I never trust Australia, they are a team of cheats who just play well.

Don't be surprised if Lee, Hayden, Mcgrath, and other players come blazing away at teams like Newzealand, England etc.

Maybe you should turn the pages of cricket history to see that the same happened with Shane warne and Jeff thomspson.
Both these cricketers were intentionally told to underperform before unleashing themselves on to the opponent.

So other teams bewary," This Aussie team has just shown the tip of a whole iceberg, don't crash yourself on to it".

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