Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Three Cheers for Dada

It has to be the mother of all comebacks. Three months ago no one would have even dreamt that the Prince of Kolkatta, will return to international cricket. As they say-"there is no substitute for hard work." Sourav sweated it out in the gym, lost weight, played some good knocks in the Ranji Trophy, showed flashes of brilliance in South Africa and proved his class against the Caribs and the Lankans. When Sourav was declared Man of the Series in the India-Sri Lanka one day series, millions would have heaved a sigh of relief in Kolkatta.

I pray that his form improves and he wins matches for India in the WC, maybe the Cup of Joy itself. Let us hope for the best.

Go Dada, Go, make Chappell and your detractors eat humble pie.

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Aswin said...

So far so good. But let us see how Dada performs in the world cup. That is the place where it all matters.

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