Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Case of Plain Stupidity, by me..

I had to deposit some money in my uncle's bank account. He stays in Coimbatore, and holds an account in a branch of IOB there. I went to a branch here in Chennai and filled up all the details and gave it to the lady in one of the counters. She finished all the procedures and handed me the receipt. I just asked her when the money would be credited into my uncle's account. She replied"It is done, into Mr. Ramesh's account." I just stared at her like an idiot, and said"Madam, there must be a mistake. My uncle's name is Sundar. He holds an account in R.S. Puram branch." If looks could kill, well the lady gave me a glare, and I almost kicked myself. I had not entered the branch name, and she had entered the amount in the same a/c number of that branch.

I apologised to the lady and she made some entries in her computer and said,"Neenga pogalam, coimbatore accountla money deposited."

Next time I think I will send a cheque.


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