Thursday, February 22, 2007

A New Beginning

So I have finally moved out of the shelter of my mother and family and started living on my own. Well to be more precise with my friends and my cousin. Travelling to office has become simpler, no more herculean journeys of four hours a day(to and fro)to commute to office.

I will be sharing a flat with my friends and cousin. It is a double bedroom and double bathroom/toilet flat. Four of us would be staying, of which two have night shift(Call-Centre). It will be a new experience to be without mother, father and T.V.. Yes, that is the problem no more T.V., no movies on dvd, no live telecast of matches. I do believe the World Cup fever will ensure that we will buy a T.V. so no worries on that aspect. Will be returning home every or alternate weekend.

Let me see how this new phase of life treats me and how I face the challenges it throws.

More posts will follow, perhaps a new blog altogether something like Four Men in a Room.

Cheers and Keep Reading.


Aswin said...

That's great to hear Dude! Hope you enjoy your stay at your new place. Staying away from home is a great experience, it teaches you a lot. But at the same time, it ain't that easy.
Take care.

Sai Kothai said...

so u are about to taste a bachelor's life in the truest sense? :-)
i meant- no ready applams and rasam, and those wanderings at the terrace and from windows...

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