Saturday, July 14, 2007

SHIVAJI-"Full of sound and fury"

It was the biggest combination in Southern Indian cinema, A.V.M., director Shankar, music genius A.R. Rahman, and superstar Rajnikant. When you get such a huge canvas of talent one expects nothing short of a masterpiece. Honestly speaking after watching the movie, I feel it is hyped too much. When all news channels run Rajni specials every day for a week, leading to the release, one tends to get irritated, then again the Superstar, is the Boss, and no one can deny his charm, flair, style, and the adoration that people have for him.

Shankar has just one story that he remoulds and recycles again and again from Kaadhalan, to Gentleman, to Indian, it is one man against the system. Boys was a group against the system. Shivaji is no different. Shivaji a software engineer returns with a lot of money to Tamil Nadu and plans to construct hospitals, colleges, and create job opportunities for the unemployed. He has a nemesis in Adiseshan played by Suman a kingmaker who runs education and hospitals to mint money.

The conflicts, accusations, corruption in society and how Shivaji succeeds in his realizing his dreams makes up the movie.

Shriya Sharan looks anorexic,Vivek is the gem in the cast and has excellent lines. Livingstone playing a police officer also gets some funny lines.

Songs are O.K., fights have been choreographed well.

Overall it is paisa vasool time pass, no masterpiece.

Shanker has to break away from his single story mode and do better.

My Rating ***/5.

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