Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We reached the resort and found that not enough rooms were free, about twenty of us did not get rooms, the others got rooms with three people staying in one room each. We proceeded to a hall, to have our much needed breakfast. I tasted the worst coconut chutney of my life, which had absolutely no salt or spice in it. I had some idlies and aloo parathas(not bad).

Then we went to the reception and finally I got a room, I shared my room with two members of my own team, we actually got a separate cottage instead of a room. I switched on the T.V., (no remote) and the resort is supposed to be a three star one. Only 14 channels were available, thankfully I got to see the India-South Africa cricket final.

I took a bath in hot water, the geyser took an hour to warm the water, then went to the dining hall to have lunch(lot of stuff but quality was just O.K. not befitting the standards of a three star resort).

Then we left for the Boathouse, it was drizzling incessantly and we had a boat ride on the lake.

We returned to the resort and had dinner and had a peaceful night's sleep. The power went of a couple of times in the night(no generator), but it was already cold and I just huddled into my bed(the bed was comfortable), and one thing I noticed about Oooty there were practically no mosquitoes there.

The next morning we had breakfast and went to the Botanical Gardens, once again it was raining in short spells and there was a biting chill in the air. There were varieties of flowers and trees in the garden, there was a greenhouse devoted to roses, and also a small shop selling seeds, plants, and jams.

Then I went shopping an bought some tea, chocolates and a raincoat. By now the rain had increased in intensity and I ran to the bus and sat in my seat waiting for the others to return.In the evening we went to Dodabetta, which was closed, so we went to a tea factory and experienced first hand the process of manufacturing tea.

We returned to the resort, and we were informed that we would not be able to visit the Pykara Lake as the route to the reservoir was not motorable because of the heavy rains and the landslides.


The last day of the trip, June 3, 2007, was one of the most horrible days of my life, a feeling shared by almost all other trip members. Everyone was vomitting like anything, the badly cooked food, the horrible weather and the incessant rain had taken its toll, I felt too nauseated to have anything. Then one of my roommates suggested a walk to the Fernhill Palace, saying the fresh air would do me good. I accepted his offer and we were joined by three others and we took a "short cut" actually a longer circuitous route to reach the palace. We paid an entry fee of Rs 50 each and entered the palace, a part of which has been converted into a resort.


I was feeling very thirsty and tired and decided to get a bottle of water, and the hotel staff charged Rs 35, for a bottle of Kinley water priced at Rs 13, that is bloody robbery in the name of tourism. I guess only the Maharajas and CEOs stay there, and they don't care two hoots about paying triple the price for a bottle of water.


The palace was excellent, and transported the visitor to the era of the British Raj with its elaborate furniture, ball room, piano and paintings. They showed us the kitchen and dining hall, the bedrooms of the Maharaja and the Maharani, the palace is owned and run by the Maharaja of Mysore. It was a memorable experience, and I wondered how life would have been 70 years back in the palce, with their elaborate feasts, gala parties, fox hunts..., a time gone by, the glory of the maharajas, no longer ruling the country.


We returned to the resort and boarded the bus that took us back to Coimbatore, they played Dhoom 2 and Stealth on the bus. The return trip was no good for the already suffering travellers and we made about five stops for people to vomit. We reached Coimbatore railway station at around 7:30 P.M.

We were once again conned by the trip organisers, who packed parottas(almost no one had them) and ooothapam for dinner. Anyway we were tired and I had the foresight to buy bread and jam. I had it and slept. There were many complaints of an upset stomach and vomitting by people who risked the parottas.

I got down at Perambur at around 4:30 A.M. and was at home in Tiruvallur by about 6 A.M.

An end to a trip that was a failure.

Hope to have a better trip next time around.

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