Monday, September 24, 2007

First of all an apology for not writing anything for such a long period; as my colleague says-"Business Requirements." I found some free time today and am back to what I enjoy most-blogging. Lots of things have been happening.....

1-India versus Pakistan in the Twenty:20 World Cup in Johannesburg, Dravid resigning his captaincy, Yuvraj's flurry of sixes, Dhoni's charm, will Team India fulfill the dream of the billion cricket fans. Hope to see a cracker of a match. Lets pray for the best.

2-The Ramar Setu or Adam's Bridge controversy is being raked by every politician in the country, and all parties are (if I may use the term) milking the bridge to their own advantage. Karunanidhi continues to play with the emotions of the people and calls Lord Rama and the bridge a myth, then he says Lord Rama is a drunkard. Enter B.J.P., R.S.S., and L.K. Advani-demands for apology, more bad blood and more free air time on news channels. Then a bus is torched in Bengaluru, two innocent people die, Karunanidhi's daughter's house is pelted with stones and a crude petrol bomb. Please note the attack was so meticulously planned that conveniently no one was present in the house at the time of the attack. Then a fatwa is issued by someone called Vedanti; Karuna's blind and loyal supporters go about destroying B.J.P. office-property as the police remain mute spectators.

Why does not the bloody old man retire? I respect him for his contribution to cinema and literature as a poet/writer, but why stoop so low to garner votes from the SC/ST vote bank. God alone knows what is going to happen to this country.....

God save us.

3-Rajni's "Sivaji" completes 100 days, amid news that cases have been filed against the producers and the director for stealing the story's idea from a manuscript that was sent to the director. The complainant says he sent the manuscript by registered post, and he received it a couple of days with "Refused" written on it, on opening the envelope he was shocked to see blank pages. The mystery deepens, let us see what happens.

4-Finally a good movie from Bollywood, even though it is a remake of Roman Polanski's noir classic "Chinatown," we have "Manorama Six Feet Under" starring Abhay Deol, Gul Panag, Sarika, Vinay Pathak and others. A slow paced mystery of a different kind, watch this.

5-The Left is all hammer and tongs against the Congress for signing the 123 Agreement with the United States, will the U.P.A. fall from power? Will there be mid-term elections? Let us see what happens.

6-Jayalalitha is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons her bungalow and estate in Kodaikanal are about to be seized by the government.

Folks got to go home and sleep, pray that India wins.

Chak de India:)

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