Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Mockery of the Law

Sanjay Dutt is convicted and sentenced to six years in jail for unlawful possession of an AK-56 rifle.

Salman Khan is sentenced to five years imprisonment for killing a chinkara deer.

Both of them are out on bail.

Picture this the culprits behind the Nithari killings where more than fifty children were gruesomely molested and killed, are still under interrogation and the case continues.

Cases of money laundering, and the fodder scam exist against our Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav.

Many more ministers have cases pending against them.

The Bofors case that rocked the nation, is still in progress.

Shibu Soren of Jharkhand has umpteen cases against him, was imprisoned, but now the court says he is a free man, as the C.B. I. had botched up the case.

I am not a judge, and have no right to judge the actions of these famous and infamous people, but the law of the land has made the common man a fool, and it is a failure of the judiciary, in not providing efficient justice.

God save my country and its people.

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