Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Giant Killers....

I am writing this with shell shocked joy. I do not know why, but there is some manic thrill in watching the Aussies lose, maybe because India lost to the Aussie team in 2002 WC finals, maybe it s because of their racism and high-handedness, but whatever be the reason I love the look of defeat on Ponting's face. No hard feelings mate, I like Bret Lee's aggresssion, Hussey's level headed approach, and Symmonds' clever technique, but blokes you were defeated by a team that all news channels referred to as the "bunch of schoolboys." I am waiting for the expression on the stupid smiling faces of the IBN and NDTV reporters, who all through the day made me feel as if the Zimbabwe team was a bunch of dummies.

Australia managed to score just 138 runs of their alloted 20 overs and Zimbabwe reached the target, helped by a superb knock of 60 runs by Brendan Taylor and 27 by Maskadaskza.

Let us see what happens now. Suddenly India looks extremely vulnerable and today's match against Scotland might have a twist in the tale. Veeru Dada almost totally bald now, will be raring to go at the Scottish attack. Meanwhile Newzealand annihilated Kenya and Pakistan had a good victory against Scotland.

More updates will follow at the end of each day's matches.

I am so happy man......:)

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