Friday, October 19, 2007

First Experience in the Second Shift

A colleague planned to go to his native place and he swapped his shift with mine. So I am here on Friday evening, no jobs at the moment. Just finished an early dinner of pooris at the canteen. Navrathri is about to end, I am really missing Kolkatta, how I wish I could go to the local pooja pandal, watch the majestic idols of the Goddess, sigh! will that life ever come back...

I need to leave office at 10 P.M., hopefully I will reach Central Station by 10:20 P.M., my train to Tiruvallur is at 10:50 P.M., may be I will reach home by 12:15 A.M. Saturday.

Shall post an entry on Monday describing my late night train journey.

Cheers folks, back to work.

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Aswin Kini said...

Why doesn't your office provide cab for those who leave after 10pm. Usually, any company provides cabs for people working in the second shift. Take care dude. It ain't safe to travel late nowadays.

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