Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I was really sick on Friday, severe body pain and high fever, tried to get up to go to office, but my body and mind could not synchronize and finally I had no option but to take a day's sick leave. The rains have started, it rained continuously on Friday and Saturday, there was a brief respite on Sunday morning, but by midday the rain gods started showering the tender earth with their bounty.

I was OK by Saturday night, and on Sunday morning I was 100% fit. I cleaned my book shelf and rearranged all my books. As I arranged the books I realized that I had about twenty novels that I had started reading, but somehow or the other I did not finish reading them. There was an anthology of crime fiction, three Clive Cussler novels, two novels by Dean Koontz and Dick Francis, two books by Rabindranath Tagore, two books by Satyajit Ray, I have forgotten the names of the remaining books.

Maybe my first resolution for the coming year will be to stop buying new novels unless I have finished reading all the books I have in hand:)

Then came the news of the selection of the Indian cricket team for the upcoming Indo-Pak series, Rahul Dravid has been "rested," lets see what happens. Shoaib Akhtar palyed the final ODI against the Proteas and took 4 wickets, his pace is as unrelenting as ever. Although Pakistan lost a match that they should have won, the warning bells are already ringing in the Indian camp. Some doubts why was Badrinath selected, not even given a single chance and dropped/rested, what happened to the lanky pace bowler Ranadeb Bose who was touted as India's answer to the fiery pace of the Aussies. If Sehwag fails in the first two ODIs will he be "rested?" Why was not Mohammed Kaif selected? We have so many problems with the fielding, and Robin Singh our fielding coach, can't he put in a good word for Kaif? What is the syndication controversy that Dilip Vengsarkar has landed himself int mean? Two many questions and no answers..

Maybe when the series is over, some more heads will roll.

Lets wait and watch.

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