Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shutter Bug-A hunt for a normal camera

At the end of my shift, I decided to pursue my luck and buy a camera. In this world of digital fantasy, I was shocked to find that fifteen camera showrooms were no longer selling a normal 35 mm camera. I wonder does no one use these good old 35 mm cameras anymore. I scouted shops in Cathedral Road, Alwarpet, and Mylapore, but everywhere I got the same response -" Saar sorry, ippo andha camerallam vikkarudhilai" [" Sorry sir, now we don't sell those cameras."] I was tired having walked from Cathedral Road to Mylapore and was in a mood mixed of anger and frustration.

Finally I found a small photo studio at Luz Corner near Mylapore, where I got a 35 mm camera with a flash function. It is simple and black in colour and uses ine battery. When you open the shutter a green light glows on the panel which indicates that the camera is ready for use. The flash facility enables one to take photographs in the night.

I took some photos of the Golu dolls arranged at my house. Will get to know how well the camera works when I get the film roll developed and printed.

For the record the camera, fim roll, and battery cost me Rs 958/-.

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