Tuesday, February 09, 2010

500 not out

Folks 500 posts and counting!
Need all your support, comments, brick-bats and bouquets and encouragement.
Thanks to Kavi, Priya, Sevitha, Madhuri, Ashwin, Sivaganesh, Sudha and everyone else who has continued reading this blog.

Long long back 5 years ago :) at SFY there was a lot of encouragement from Revathi Murali and Sukumari who were senior IDs. Then there were other colleagues whom I met at my next work-place: Sai and Mughil. Everyone has moved out and I have lost touch with these people.

I specially need to thank Nitin Raou who has moved to IBM. For it was his blog that ignited the spark. Today he is happily married and hardly updates his blog.

I have changed the theme of the blog and added two pages at the top.

One for "Poetry" and one for "Favourite Movies"

Let us see how things go. This blog has chronicled cinema, cricket, politics, the affairs of the heart, politics at work, travel and a lot of other stuff. When I was passing through a very tough emotional crisis the soothing words of my friends comforted me to a great deal.

So folks wish me luck!

Signing-off for now!

I will be back :)


Siva said...

Way to Go!

Keep blogging every day da...

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

*Claps and champagne glasses tingling* ... here's to many more posts and the joy of blogging.

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