Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inside Man

Good movie but felt it was too overrated.
Clive Owen is cool as the bank robber.
Denzel Washington is adequate as a cop.
Jodie Foster looks old.

At a point of time one realizes that this movie was one more inspiration to a certain extent for the Tamil flick Naanayam

Inside Man is about a bank robbery where 50 hostages are taken. A negotiation team is sent. The owner of the bank played by Christopher Plummer has some secrets in locker no. 329.

What happens do the robbers get their wants? Are the hostages killed? Is the robbery a success?

What is the secret of the locker no. 329.

Watch the movie for answers. Movie is directed by Spike Lee.

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Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Hey, I liked this movie... I liked the cool Clive owen, at first you think he is an cell or something and then in the end, you realise where he is talking from. I didn't like Denzel washington in this movie, his character just talked a lot... his accent and ways was irritating. But I liked the way they carried out the robbery... no body got hurt.

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