Friday, February 19, 2010

Man She Looks Fat

This was a conversation that took place in a restaurant. The restaurant has a huge LCD TV on one wall and it plays Sun Music all the time. It is a usual hangout for my friends and they suggested that we all go for lunch there.

We managed to get a table for the four of us. Pintoo the joker of our pack gave us a smile and said-" Matchi, look at them at that table". It was a motley crew of five well dressed women in the age-group of 20 to 30. Probably they worked in one of the many tech-companies that were housed in the adjoining Tech-Park.

We ordered our food and looked at the TV while Pintoo stole glances at the "table". I poked him in the stomach said "Dei close your floodgates, too much of jollu" He snapped at me "Man what's your problem. I am just admiring beauty."
I guess some guys never learn.

Then a song started playing, it was Jyothika on screen. Then one of the women started saying "She looks so fat. I hate her" She tucked in to a large juicy cheese-burger and wiped her chin as some cheese dripped out. Another woman said "Hmmm she was OK in Vaali but expanded in Khushi, Don't why the guys are crazy after her?"

Another woman quipped in "Hmm ..poor Suriya wish he had waited?" As if he would come with a rose in his hand and woo her:)

Well folks this conversation continued till our food came.

I do not know why women are so obsessed with star-figures and stuff. Focusing on their own good health would be much better.

A funny interlude during a quick lunch!


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

boys will always be boys... I happen to like Jyothika, she looks nice whatever size she happens to be. So nice to know you're enjoying at the new place and made friends already. Take care...

mahesh said...

Hi Kavi,

This nothing to do with office.
This is a college-gang group.
As for Jyothika personally I feel she overacts and the only movie she did a great job was Mozhi.


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

oh, i assumed it was work cause the girls were from the nearby office... my bad. Anyway, I haven't seen many of Jyothika's movies, I've seen her movie songs... and she looks cute always.

Aswin Kini said...

Lol, lol again :D

Nice one da, I wish I could blog on so many interesting conversations that I had with my friends during such Lunch breaks. So much stuff that I could penn a book on this stuff ;)

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