Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Just think you are walking on the road, or perhaps you are driving a car. All of a sudden you become blind! The whole world comes to a crash and you become dependent on somebody else for all your basic needs.

Blindness stars Julianne Moore and it chronicles an epidemic of blindness in an unnamed city. People across the city are afflicted by this strange disease where all they can see is a curtain of white. The "blind" are moved to a prison-like facility by the military-like government.

Within the facility there are riots and fights for food. The basic instinct of humans are portrayed as "sex-for-food" becomes the norm. The story starts convincingly and has realistic portrayals by all and abundant nudity. Julianne is the only one one who can see. She leads a revolt against the rebels and manages to escape along with her husband and a few good people.

They travel through the city which is in total chaos. People are blind and stranded and forage for food in abandoned supermarkets. Julianne leads the group to her house and all of them are happy after a long time and have a decent meal and a bath. There is this scene where the women are taking a bath and one lady who is actually a prostitute asks Julianne "Am I beautiful?" There is pathos and agony.

The surprise comes when a Japanese guy who was the first person to get infected claims that he can see and his vision is restored.

Thus the movie ends on a positive note with a hope that everyone will regain their vision. Powerful background score, good acting, some unwanted nudity and some unintentional funny moments.

Can be seen once for a different experience!

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