Sunday, January 20, 2013

13 Things to Avoid in 2013

This is part of a competition conducted by The Chennai Bloggers Club and Cuponation. The CBC is a Facebook group where bloggers with a Chennai connection interact with each other. The prizes for this contest have been sponsored by Cuponation. Cuponation is India's largest coupon portal, specially designed to meet the needs of all online shoppers.

The Competition deals with 'New Year Resolutions' - 13 things to avoid in 2013. So here comes my don't do list :)

Stop impulse buying of books and movies. In the small 2BHK flat that I reside; one room just occupies my collection; so take a guess on how many books and movies that I own?

Stop putting up hospital and train-delay posts on FB; tough luck as unknowingly I keep doing this!

Stop trying to sort out issues by taking the brunt of the work-load on my head. It's every individual for himself / herself! Self-preservation society; do your work and go home.

Spend lesser time reading tech-reviews. There is a devil inside my head that has to be fed non-stop with information, tech-reviews, movie-reviews, news-items; I keep reading so much!!!!!

Stop thinking about spirituality, monks, mountains and the pursuit of enlightenment! What is destined to happen will happen!

Stop being Dr. Love Guru; giving guidance and suggestions to love-struck friends and colleagues. An amazing conundrum of my life that for a guy who helped so many chaps, wrote love-poems for their loved ones; namma sondha kadhai oru art-film madhiri forever pause mode liye stuck aaghi irukku :(

Stop analysing the minds of the people whom I meet and interact.

I have this insane habit of cuddling every doggie and pup, stray or pure-bred that I see!
Don't know why but I am hundred times more comfortable with animals than I am with humans.

Stop writing scripts and discarding them! This year the movie, at least a short-film will be scripted, directed and made by me! I have the power :)

I am extremely fickle-minded and schizophrenic in many aspects of my life; perhaps it is time to bring all the broken minds together and act as one. Damn; I am rambling like Jason Bourne again :)!

Stop thinking and start doing! A fantastic year lies ahead with loads of possibilities. The Chennai Bloggers for Social Action will have to be set up proper and hopefully by God's grace we shall make a difference in the lives of people who face problems!

Stop doubting people; I can never trust someone; it is a disturbing habit; I always have this nagging doubt that these peeople who smile at me in my presence are actually pulling me down by words and deeds in my absence. Only the paranoid can survive :)

Stop worrying about the past or be in agony and fear about the future; just make my peace with the Lord and thank him in his infinite grace and live in the present. For I have so many promises to keep and go miles and miles into the setting sun; through the woods and vales; across the seas; before I finally lie down to sleep!


Ramaa Iyer said...

Idha Idha idhathaan naan edhirpaarthen :) Dhool :)

vinodvv said...

1) Why "13"?
2) post was too too personal
Still liked it

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