Monday, January 07, 2013

Oh! Brother Where Art Thou? - A Post for a Competition

This post is inspired by the writing-style of my dear friend, mentor, guide and brother - the one-and-only, first and foremost XXX blogger from Chennai - Dr. Ganesh Puttu!

This is on the lines of the movie 'Being John Malkovich' - this is a fictitious post and this is imagining me entering the mind of Ganesh and living his life. Ganesh and Mahesh only two letters difference :)!

May 12 - Saturday - 9 PM

What a week! What a week I say! The number of patients landing up at the Government Hospital seems to be increasing like the mercury in the thermometer. 'Kathiri veyil' is too taxing; damn I have to change three shirts in a day now within my compact car.

The sacrifices that I have to make for my lovable patients!

Tomorrow is Sunday, I would love to sleep till 10 AM and then relax with some nice piping hot idlis and amma's filter coffee, but then I have promised to be a part of the Chennai Photo Walkers gig - the 49th one to be precise!

May - 13 - Sunday

I wake up bright and early and after a quick shave and bath and suitably attired I land with my camera at Sydenhams Road sharp at 5:30 AM. The early morning cold, forget cold I am joking, it was sickeningly warm and I dreaded at the poor souls who would be toiling in the boiling sun later in the day!

As the remaining members finally arrived, we began our walk and we surprised a flower-seller, some stray dogs, a couple of early-morning walkers, a traffic cop with our cameras and took some intersting pictures.

People focused on different objects and were busy snapping stuff, I was waiting like the proverbial Hamlet waiting for something brilliant and unique and walked with self-belief and resolution. I found my moment, sharp at 6:41 AM I clicked a photograph, a solitary white bullock being goaded by an energetic young lad to run faster as two boys lay asleep on the cart and a black dog stood erect on the cart barking to motivate the bullock to run faster. I had captured a moment when man and beast worked in synchrony; there was a bit of irony as well as the lad whipped the bullock; but then that's the way the world moves. I was fascinated at the two boys asleep in the cart; so early in the morning to which destination was this motely crew headed? Some questions in Life remain sadly unanswered; perhaps some questions are better left that way - unanswered!

OK-OK no more philosophy! Sorry for transgressing from the topic :) - I continued to walk with the other members and we clicked some nice pics.A flower-seller who asked me to take his picture; the smile on his face will remain in my mind for a long time - 'a son of the soil'.

The highlight of the walk was the imposing architectural beauty of St. mathias Church in Vepery. I need to return to this beautiful church alone sometime later. It was an interesting motley group full of enthusiastic photographers amateurs and professionals. I made some interesting chit-chat with a few people! The walk culminated with masala dosas and filter coffee at Doveton Cafe.

Then it was time to go home and relax! What a beautiful photo-walk; the flower-seller, the boys on the bullock-cart; the charming church; memories that I will cherish for quite some time. Damn, I am becoming a bit too sentimental these days!

This piece has been submitted for a photo=post conducted by The Chennai Bloggers Club. The CBC is a Facebook group where bloggers with a Chennai connection interact with each other. The prizes for this contest have been sponsored by Cuponation. Cuponation is India's largest coupon portal, specially designed to meet the needs of all online shoppers.


Ganesh Puttu said...

ha!!ha!! ha!!! i know the feeling of how it is to have someone in your with the the analysis have captured perfectly how i always grumble before doing anything "but i am lazy" and somehow end up doing it despite my laziness.good one

mahesh said...

Thanks Ganesh :)

Karen Xavier said...

:) interesting read, seems like the funny doctor has inspired you in many ways than one.

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