Friday, January 18, 2013

A Wedding Poem for My Niece

Dear little niece of mine,
A ray of sunshine you have been,
Spreading joy in your family
And amongst your friends
All these years of your life.

Having seen you grow up,
From a cherubic angel,
A teen and now a lovely lady,
Who is married to a charming gentleman.
I feel happy for you!

Remember that marriage is a beautiful institution;
The two of you are now intertwined,
By a beautiful thread of love and mutual admiration.
There will be fights, there will be patch-ups,
There will be hugs, kisses and tears.

But always remember,
The two of you,
Born and bred in different cities,
Have been brought together,
By this beautiful bond.

Always love each other,
No matter what happens;
As you grow older and wiser,
May the love and respect,
Grow stronger and deeper.

May God in his infinite grace,
Bless you and your hubby;
With joy, good health and prosperity.
As you begin a beautiful journey;
Wishing you all the best!!!!

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