Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spare a Thought - A Poem

This piece has been submitted for a photo=post conducted by The Chennai Bloggers Club. The CBC is a Facebook group where bloggers with a Chennai connection interact with each other. The prizes for this contest have been sponsored by Cuponation. Cuponation is India's largest coupon portal, specially designed to meet the needs of all online shoppers.

Image Courtesy - Dr. Ganesh Puttu

A poem on what life on the other side of the spectrum means.

Spare a thought;
For us as well,
Oh you suited and booted;
Men and women,
Who look down,
Upon us with -
Disdain and anger!

It was not our fault,
That we were born,
In the slums,
Do you think,
We enjoy toiling,
Like this in the morning!

Instead of going to school,
Watching cartoons,
Wearing jeans and tee-shirts,
Going to malls,
And watching movies at Escape!

But then these are just dreams,
I have to rush,
On this bullock cart,
Move a load of bricks.
To the construction site.
No Sundays or weekdays!

Everyday is a working-day!
Diwali, Christmas and Pongal,
Are the only holidays!
I will work hard,
Make lots of money.
I want to build a small house.

Move Amma and Ammu to our house.
A small house the house,
Of our dreams,
And for that,
I will toil,
Toil as much as I can.
So oh dear Annas and Akkas,
You with the cameras
Straddled around your neck.

Listening to songs,
With headphones plugged,
Into your ears,
Spare a thought for us.
We are not spectacles or circus freaks,
We are humans and want to live,
As well as you do!

Spare a thought for us....

Dear photographers please do not be offended after reading this poem; this poem is meant for the competition; not to be taken as a critique on any photography group; keep smiling and keep clicking!

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