Thursday, March 07, 2013

Maa, Didi, Behna aur Khushi

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club series of posts by men in the group to celebrate a week long "marathon" in the honour of womanhood.

Four women who have played a major role in my life; and perhaps I shall play a major role in one person's life!

Married at 15,
Pushed away to a distant land,
Mad-cap dysfunctional family,
That only gave you tears,
A man who did not deserve you,
A man who stifled up your dream,
But you chose to shoulder all responsibilities,
Bore two children - Didi and Me

Years of abuse,
Emotional torture,
Made you strong,
You just studied till Class Seven,
But with your basic knowledge,
A simple girl from a nondescript village in Kerala,
You travelled all over India,
And let your children grow with love and knowledge.

Sacrifices that you have made,
Are too many to be listed here,
You are special,
For the Lord chose your womb,
And made me see the light of day,
And grow in your loving care!

As old age takes its toll on you;
As various illnesses torment you,
And the both of us battle them every day.
I hope I can live up to your expectations!
And always see you happy.
Whatever I do -
I hope never ever hurts you!

A second mum to me,
A special person,
Who got me pens and comics,
When I was young,
Who would shield me from the wrath of elders,
When I perennially flunked the Maths tests.

Of visiting pooja pandals,
In the streets and by-lanes of Calcutta,
Of helping you pick dresses and hand-bags,
During the shopping-sprees!

Of watching you get married,
To a gentleman from a distant land,
Of me getting into an emotional tangle,
On seeing you go away,
To your new home.

I am proud of you,
Of being a lovely wife,
A loving mom to a smart son,
And being my dearest Didi,
Love you always!

Dear little sister,
You bring so much joy,
To all of us,
From travelling abroad,
For higher-studies,
Winning scholarships,
Visiting countries and cities,
That I can only see in movies.

A splendid dancer, singer, artiste,
You are everything,
That I always aspired to be.
I am happy for you,
As you inspire the younger generation,
In the extended family,
Who now look up to you,
As their idol.

Wishing you joy and success - always!

I have told you -
What you mean to me!
I stand by what I said,
Every smile that you smile,
Every good luck wish,
That I always get from you.

You have a special place,
In the little heart of mine.
Whatever you say,
Whatever you do,
Wherever you go,
Wherever life takes us,
Far or Near,

I want you to know,
That you shall always,
Be that one true love;
I know this is foolish,
I know I am being an idiot,

I can never,
Ever see you feeling hurt,
Sad or in tears,
I will never ever hurt you,
By word or deed,

I can't bear,
To see that
Precious smile of yours,
Change into anger or sorrow!
So I shall wait,
With hope for you to say - 'Yes'

Khushi for you....forever!

My promise - Wherever I go - I shall not watch women being abused physically or verbally - consider every lady and child as my own family-member and fight for them!

My Prayer to the Lord - never let me succumb to temptation or be misguided into hurting any lady or child by word, deed or thought!


Susan Deborah said...

Mahesh, you are one of the most gentle souls I have ever known. Your sensitiveness and enthusiasm is contagious and I'm awed by someone as you.

You are THE man.

Joy always,

Anonymous said...

Gentle man - That was an awesome post.
BTW who is girl, a proposal in the air. Cycle gapla. ;)

Sanjeeta kk said...

Awee...I could feel the pain, joy, and love as I read along..about the women in your life. The post beautifully echoes the gentle and sensitive side of your heart, Mahesh!

gayathree said...

Congrats you have been nominated for the Liebster blog award! Please click the link below and comply with the rules in order to acknowledge! Cheers! :)

Karen Xavier said...

Mahesh... how can someone not fall in love with you, beats me! Loved the little poems about each woman in your life, it's poignant. Hope everything works out fine for you and all the beautiful women in your life. Like Susan says, You are THE man!

Muthiah sriram said...

ah!!very sensitive lines!!can get how strong a woman was your mother!!one of the best post i read here!!

mahesh said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks a lot for all your comments and wishes!

I wrote this right at the end of work yesteday!

I closed my eyes and thought of all these women who have had such an impact on me and the words just flowed - no planning or rewriting - I just wrote what I felt!

Humbled and honoured by all your comments - Susan, Sanjeeta,Karen, Muthiah,Vinod and Gayathree!

Thanks :)

Prashanth Ashok said...

Mahesh, you've captured those untold emotions so flawlessly. Nice one

Ashwini C N said...

Wonderful Mahesh, Really touched:-)

Divia said...

Very deep. Praying she says yes to you.

Akash Govindarajan said...

Awesome post man, Congrats :) Very light and touching!! :)

Lakshmi said...

Very Beautiful poem !! Lovely capture of the women in your life! keep smiling - Lakshmi :)

It's Me said...

Lovely! :) - Jenny

Sowmya Swaminathan said...

Mahesh, I'm proud of having known you. Such gentle, caring and emotional words. I'm stunned.

You rightly deserved to win! And I *really* hope you win over your lady love!

Good luck and my best wishes. :)

Kappu said...

Such a lovely ode to all the women. It seriously ebbs with the love you have for them! God bless your family with heaps and more! :)



mahesh said...

Thank you everyone thank you :) I am humbled and honoured and have no words left to thank you all who have commented here and on FB :)

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

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